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Consultation Types and Fees

Initial Postpartum Home Visit  - $225

Typically 1.5 - 2 hours. Full history and report to your primary care providers. We spend lots of time getting to know your goals and challenges and set a plan that you feel is manageable. You will receive a written care plan the day of our visit.

90 minute Follow Up Home Visit - $ 175

About an hour and a half. We continue to tweak your feeding plan as you meet your goals and set new ones. These longer follow up visits are often needed if you are still struggling to meet your feeding goals. Includes care plan and report to primary care providers.

60 minute Follow Up Home Visit- $125

About an hour. This is a good option for a weight check, or to just make sure things are still on track. One hour visits are also good for back to work planning, pump flange fitting, talking about solids or weaning plans. Includes a care plan. Will include a report to primary care providers if we cover something that they need to know about.

60 minute Telehealth- $100

I prefer to meet in person, but sometimes due to illness or schedules we need to meet virtually. These visits can be arranged for established clients as needed, and may be covered by insurance depending on your carrier's policies.

Insurance Coverage

Baby Not Here Yet?

It's a great idea to reach out for help before the baby comes. This helps us get to know each other and helps me to understand your goals and allows me to plan my schedule so that I can get to you soon after the baby's birth.  If you would like to talk about a prenatal visit or phone call, please fill out a form and we can talk about your best options based on your insurance and due date.

The Affordable Care Act requires that private insurance covers lactation counseling. Many insurances cover these services at no cost to you. Make sure to contact your insurance carrier to ask about coverage.

I am In-network with both Blue Cross and Aetna and can submit for reimbursement directly with them. For other insurances or self pay, I will provide you will a superbill that you can submit to insurance or your flexible spending account for reimbursement.

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